Community Code #4 – Due Process Policy

For the past two months in the Etched In Stone, we have posted Community Code #4 – Due Process Policy because the Board feels it is time to update this Community Code. There are a couple of changes related to language in the Code, but the main reason for the change was to do away with the requirement to send the Second Notice using “Registered Return Receipt Requested” postage. This postage is required by law for the Hearing Notice, but there is no such law for the Second Notice. When the Community Code was created in 2008 the cost for this mailing was less than $3.00. Today the same postage is almost $9.00 each. The Board of Directors is making this change as it will save the Association between $2,000 and $4,000 per year in postage costs.

If you receive a letter from Stone Ridge Association, please make sure to open and read it.  The Association does not send advertisements or junk mail, and if an issue can be resolved with the first letter, you are helping to save the Association money and keep your assessments down.

Click here to read the red-line version of this community code