Please note a street sweeper will be cleaning ALL Association maintained streets March 28-30 from 7 AM-4 PM. Please park cars in the garage or driveway and store trash cans following service on Monday. The street sweeper will not clean driveways. THIS WILL NOT IMPACT PATRIOT TRASH SERVICE MONDAY, MARCH 28.

HOA Maintained Streets:

Alder Forest Terrace
Almandine Terrace
Amherst Forest Terrace
Andes Terrace
Angel Arch Terrace
Apatite Square
Berkley Hill Terrace
Beryl Terrace
Boomerang Terrace
Bottlebrush Terrace
Bushclover Terrace
Cable Mill Terrace
Canary Grass Square
Capecastle Terrace
Carbonate Terrace
Caribou Square
Cinnabar Square
Clock Tower Square
Cushendall Terrace
Cutgrass Terrace
Cypress Mill Terrace
Diabase Square
Diamondleaf Terrace
Dogwood Glen Square
Durham Field Terrace
Fluvial Terrace
Fremont Preserve Square
Full Sail Alley
Gallberry Terrace
Geyser Peaks Square
Glade Creek Terrace
Glenville Grove Terrace
Gracehill Terrace
Green Mountain Terrace
Greysteel Square
Hawthorn Thicket Terrace
Himalayas Terrace
Hummocky Terrace
Jackalope Terrace
Juniper Wood Terrace
Kings Canyon Square
Lancaster Woods Square
Laurel Thicket Terrace
Logan Stone Terrace
Magnetite Terrace
Moors Mine Terrace
Moreland Mine Terrace
Nephrite Terrace
Nettle Mill Square
Nora Mill Terrace
Pennywort Terrace
Pickwick Mill Terrace
Possumhaw Terrace
Pyramid Alley
Quartzite Terrace
Rosebay Terrace*
Sandbar Terrace
Seacliff Terrace
Shorecrest Terrace
Siltstone Square
Silurian Terrace
Sodalite Square
Stoneyford Terrace
Sweet Myrtle Square
Sweetspire Square
Tanzanite Terrace
Well Stone Terrace
White Mill Terrace
*Located in Stone Mill Corner Condominium