Swimming Pools

All three swimming pools are open daily from 10 AM to 8 PM for residents to enjoy!

Starting today, the restrictions on the number of times per week that you can make reservations through our system have been lifted.  Please note that you are still restricted to one reservation time slot per day.  Association staff will continue to monitor to ensure that everyone who wishes to enjoy the pools is able to do so.

Extra precautions, routine cleaning and sanitizing, and protocols for social distancing are in place per the Phase Three guidelines, but we cannot guarantee a 100% COVID-19 free facility.

For additional information, or questions, please email office@stoneridgehoa.org.


Trash Toters

As a friendly reminder… All trash and recycling containers must be stored out of view, in the garage or in an approved trash enclosure, at all times except on the evening before and days of trash/recycling collection. Article VIII Section 8.2 (I) “Trash containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view from the Common Area or another Lot expect on days of trash collection.”

For those of you that have been complying, the Association thanks you for your continued compliance.


Please Do Not Feed the Geese!
Did you know, a goose’s natural diet consists of grasses, aquatic plants, small insects, and fish? The bread, crackers, pizza crust, and popcorn that people feed to geese are just as much “junk food” for the birds as they are for humans. These unnecessary dietary additions contribute to health problems among geese. By filling up on the scraps tossed away by people, geese become more likely to suffer from malnutrition. A diet rich in simple carbohydrates also causes the birds to experience increased defecation – yes, feeding the geese causes them to poo more – and because geese congregate in areas where there is an abundance of food, when people feed them regularly, the poo really starts to pile up. This increases the likelihood of disease transmission among geese. The unsightly, fowl-smelling droppings also create walking hazards on sidewalks and lawns – which is more of a concern for people than for the birds.


Food Truck Tuesday!

Hog it Up BBQ will be offering Curbside “No CONTACT” takeout services Tuesday, July 14th. They will be located at the Stone Carver facility: 24605 Stone Carver Drive from 12 Noon-7 PM.

To follow guidelines on social distancing, ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED AND PAID ONLINE.
To see the menu and place an order, starting on Saturday: https://hiubbqonline.square.site/s/order