Snow Plowing in Stone Ridge

Stone Ridge residents should be as prepared as possible for snow! Stone Ridge has several different snow plowing arrangements, depending on the location of your street. If your street is not noted below, please call the Association Office at 703-327-5179.

PARKING: When snow is headed our way, please park your car in your driveway or in a designated parking space. Cars parked on the street make the job much more difficult for the snow plows…and you may have to deal with the task of digging your car out if it’s plowed in.

DRIVEWAYS: When you shovel your driveway, please toss the snow back into your yard – not in the street. Less snow helps the plows clear the streets more efficiently.

SIDEWALKS: Residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of their homes.

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Dehavilland Drive
Destiny Drive
Gum Spring Road
Marrwood Drive
Medical Drive
Millstream Drive
Northstar Blvd
Sacred Mountain Place
Southpoint Drive
Stone Carver Drive
Stone Springs Blvd
Tall Cedars Pkwy

Abney Wood Drive
Basalt Drive
Bear Tooth Drive
Beardgrass Place
Beckhampton Court
Big Belt Court

Black Hills Place
Bradford Forest Drive
Bristol Grove Court
Brookebourough Court
Calcite Place
Cordgrass Circle
Coventry Grove Court
Derby Meadow Way
Devonian Drive
Dillinger Mill Place
Donmarr Place
Feldspar Place
Fiddlehead Place
Flintshire Court
Glacier Bay Court
Glass Mountain Place
Goshen Ridge Place
Graywacke Drive
Great Smokey Drive

Greenstone Drive
Gypsum Way
Halite Drive
High Plateau Court
Hornfels Court
Leeds Field Drive
Marshy Hope Street
Mineral Springs Circle
Miners Mill Place
Mississippian Court
Moon Glade Court
Natural Bridge Place
Olivine Place
Oxford Forest Circle
Ozark Way
Penderry Court
Pepperbush Place
Piney Grove Court
Prairie Grass Drive

Prairie Grass Drive
Pyrite Court
Ripple Court
Salmon River Place
Sawtooth Court
Serpentine Place
Shells Way
Somerby Drive
Stone Pillar Drive
Stonecutter Street
Switchgrass Court
Trilobite Court
Ural Drive
Waterdock Drive
White Mountain Court
Wind River Drive
Zircon Drive

You can track VDOT plows & view live traffic cameras here:

Stone Ridge Association

Stone Ridge Association will begin plowing private roads when snow accumulation has exceeded 2 inches.


Alder Forest Terrace
Almandine Terrace
Amherst Forest Terrace
Andes Terrace
Angel Arch Terrace
Apatite Square
Berkley Hill Terrace
Beryl Terrace
Boomerang Terrace
Bottlebrush Terrace
Bushclover Terrace
Cable Mill Terrace
Canary Grass Square
Capecastle Terrace
Carbonate Terrace
Caribou Square
Cinnabar Square
Clock Tower Square

Cushendall Terrace
Cutgrass Terrace
Cypress Mill Terrace
Diabase Square
Diamondleaf Terrace
Dogwood Glen Square
Durham Field Terrace
Fluvial Terrace
Fremont Preserve Square
Full Sail Alley
Gallberry Terrace
Geyser Peaks Square
Glade Creek Terrace
Glenville Grove Terrace
Gracehill Terrace
Green Mountain Terrace
Greysteel Square
Hawthorn Thicket Terrace

Himalayas Terrace
Hummocky Terrace
Jackalope Terrace
Juniper Wood Terrace
Kings Canyon Square
Lancaster Woods Square
Laurel Thicket Terrace
Logan Stone Terrace
Magnetite Terrace
Moors Mine Terrace
Moreland Mine Terrace
Nephrite Terrace
Nettle Mill Square
Nora Mill Terrace
Pennywort Terrace
Pickwick Mill Terrace
Possumhaw Terrace
Pyramid Alley

Quartzite Terrace
Rosebay Terrace*
Sandbar Terrace
Seacliff Terrace
Shorecrest Terrace
Siltstone Square
Silurian Terrace
Sodalite Square
Stoneyford Terrace
Sweet Myrtle Square
Sweetspire Square
Tanzanite Terrace
Well Stone Terrace
White Mill Terrace

*Located in Stone Mill Corner Condominium

First Service Residential


Black Rock Terrace
Blue Flag Terrace
Buttonbush Terrace
Byrne Meadow Square

Lynette Springs Terrace
Onyx Terrace
Rosebay Terrace*
San Juan Terrace

*Located in Stone Springs Condo

Stone Station Terrace
Terrazzo Terrace
Village Station Square
Water Iris Terrace

Associa Select Community Services


Cathedral Valley Square

Metamorphic Square

Woolly Mammoth Terrace