Stone Ridge Community Development, L.L.C . (Van Metre) has submitted a Minor Special Exception Application to Loudoun County requesting a change in the currently approved Stone Ridge Comprehensive Sign Plan.

When the original sign plan was updated back in 2006,electronic sign panels were not an option for use in most circumstances. Since that time, Loudoun now allows communities of our size and nature, to use them getting information out to the community.

This sign panel would be the same size as you see at the Stone Ridge Village Center.   It would be located at the corner of Stone Springs and Millstream Drive on the corner. The intent is to put it in a high profile,controlled corner to give it the most visibility and least distracting position.

The HOA has approval for up to a total of 6 HOA signs throughout the community.   We are looking to provide the HOA with the opportunity to have 2 electronic signs (at least ½ mile apart), and 4 non-electronic options.

An example of the electronic sign panel is below, and more information is available on the county website:

Proposed Stone Ridge Community Sign Policy

The Stone Ridge resident members of the Board of Directors initiated this request, and have been involved in the determination of the sign locations.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Thanks for your time.