The following are excerpts from Community Code No. 9A: Pool Rules. The complete Rules and Regulations are available at Click the link to Resource Center then Governance Documents and you will find the pool rules under Community Codes.

Section 1.
Pool Management:
The pool manager and lifeguards have full authority for the proper conduct of patrons and operation of the pool during scheduled operating hours.

Section 2.
Health and Sanitation:
All persons who use the pool must wear appropriate swim attire such as a bathing suit. Parents of children not yet toilet-trained must ensure their child has snugly fitting rubber pants or swim diapers. Pampers or any type disposable diapers are not permitted to be worn in any pool.

Section 3.
•Persons who are twelve (12) years old and younger must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a parent, guardian, child care provider or other Responsible Person sixteen (16) years of age or older.
•Persons who are sixteen (16) years and older may use the pool without adult supervision.
•Persons of all ages must exit the main pool for fifteen – (15) – minute breaks, every hour, to provide a rest period. Only lap swimming is permitted at this time. The lifeguards will control these breaks.

Section 4.
•Persons who are 15 years old and younger may not bring guests without a Responsible Person also present at all times during pool use.
•Persons who are 16 years old and older may bring guests.
•All guests must obey Pool Rules at all times. All enforcement measures stated herein apply to guests, including potential ejection from the pool in the event of unacceptable behavior.
•All guests must be signed in by an Association Member. The number of guests will be limited to five (5) per household per pool visit day.

The entire pool rules, are located here.