Inspections will begin March 15 (weather permitting) on the following streets: Nettle Mill Square, Siltstone Square, Clock Tower Square, Fremont Preserve, Kings Canyon and Geyser Peaks Square.

In a continued effort to keep Stone Ridge a visually appealing and well-maintained community, Association staff will be conducting annual lot inspections. These inspections are typically performed section by section. The inspection consists of a visual inspection of the exterior of each home to ensure routine exterior maintenance items are addressed in a timely manner. Lot files are also checked to confirm any improvements or enhancements have been approved by the Architectural Review Committee and follow the Governing Documents.

The following checklist will help in preparing for your annual lot inspection; however, this list is not all inclusive.  Use the checklist as a guide when you take your own monthly inspection walk.

Home Inspection Checklist:

Clean and Keep Free of Mildew/Build-Up:

□ Siding

□ Basement walk-ups and surrounding areas

□ Front stairs, handrails, and sidewalks

□ Decks & Fences

Damaged Exterior Trim/Rotting Wood

□ Trim around doors, windows, and garage

□ Roof line (fascia) trim and wrap

□ Porches


□ Trim color should be consistent on the entire home

□ Shutters, Front Doors, Railings

□ Fresh coat must be uniform & consistent. Application required for color changes/new stain

Repair or Replace

□ Falling/damaged boards & lattice on decks/fences

□ Fence/gate: replace warped, cracked, missing, and splintered boards

Home Exterior

□ Missing shutters

□ Loose or missing siding and roof trim

□ Crooked or missing light fixtures

□ Trash and recycling containers stored out of sight

□ Garage doors in good condition; no dents


□ Neat appearance of lawn and free of weeds

□ Landscape beds free of weeds, fresh mulch applied (no red mulch)

□ Bags of mulch, dirt, etc. must be properly stored out of view when not in use

□ Unapproved signage/flags need to be removed

Common Area

□ Tree Save areas are left undisturbed

□ No items are being placed or stored outside of your property lines