An Update on Supervisor Letourneau’s Status & Town Hall Meeting Postponed


As some may be aware, Dulles District Supervisor Matt Letourneau suffered a major facial/head injury and concussion this past weekend while coaching his Little League baseball team. He was released from Reston Hospital Center last night following surgery to rebuild the orbital floor beneath his eye, which was badly damaged. At this time, he is still experiencing loss of vision in his right eye, extensive facial nerve damage, and concussion symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. He will continue to receive treatment from specialists in those areas in the coming days.

As part of his concussion treatment, he has been instructed to limit work activities for at least the next several weeks. Therefore, we are postponing his scheduled Dulles Direct Town Hall meeting that was planned for Monday, September 28th.

Supervisor Letourneau remains in close contact with the County Administrator, his staff, and the Metro Board Chairman. Constituents should feel free to continue contacting the Dulles District office by phone or by using his email address, where they will be assisted by his staff.

Supervisor Letourneau and his family truly appreciate all of the support and well wishes he has received from the community. He looks forward to making a recovery and resuming normal activities as soon as possible.