Upcoming Paving Schedule

Schedule is weather dependent and is subject to change. If there is a weather delay, work will be rescheduled for the next available date and residents impacted will be notified of the new date.

Residents will receive a notice prior to their street/section paving with more information. Please make sure trash toters are placed on the curb by 6 am on service days (Mon/Thurs).

Upcoming Sealcoating:

Oct 16: Diabase, Green Mountain (southeast end)

Oct 17: Durham Field, Lancaster Woods, Himalayas

Oct 18: Cypress Mill (south and west end)

Oct 19: Apatite, Diabase (east end), Green Mountain (south end), Silurian

Oct 20: Andes, Angel Arch, Boomerang, Cutgrass, Sweet Myrtle RESCHEDULED

Oct 23: Green Mountain (north side), Moreland Mine (north side), Sweet Myrtle

Oct 24: Andes, Angel Arch, Boomerang, Cutgrass, Moreland Mine (final section of intersection)

Click here for a map of Oct 23-24 sealcoating (rescheduled work for Green Mountain, Moreland Mine, Sweet Myrtle)

Click here for a map of Oct 24 sealcoating (rescheduled work for Andes, Angel Arch, Boomerang, Cutgrass)

Sealcoating is a wet coating over asphalt. This requires 24 hours to cure and dry. There is no vehicle traffic allowed for 24 hours after application is completed. If you drive on wet seal coating, you will disturb the integrity of the seal coating. You could also damage your vehicle, and Stone Ridge Association will not be responsible.Curb painting and striping will be done after all seal coating is complete.

Please prepare to have:

All vehicles must be MOVED from public parking spaces and streets by 7 am on the morning of service. Vehicles parked on the street will be towed. Vehicles parked in driveways or garages will not be able to move for 24 hours. No driving on the streets until 7 am the following morning. If you are on vacation the day your street is scheduled for seal coat, please make arrangements to have someone move your vehicle so it does not get towed. Please note that work is weather dependent. If adverse weather occurs on the day your street is scheduled, the Association will notify you with a new weather date.

Please make sure trash toters are placed on the curb by 6 am on service days (Mon/Thurs).

More information and the paving schedule will be posted here as it becomes available.


May 18-19: Greenstone parking lot

May 19-20: Stone Carver parking lot

May 23-24: Nettle Mill parking lot

June 12: Fremont Preserve, Nettle Mill, Siltstone POSTPONED TO WED, 6/14

June 13: Clock Tower, Fremont Preserve, Kings Canyon

June 14: Kings Canyon, Siltstone, Fremont Preserve, Nettle Mill

June 28-29: Cinnabar, Beryl, Carbonite

June 30: Apatite, Cypress Mill, Diamondleaf, Green Mountain, Moreland Mine

July 5: Andes, Angel Arch, Bottlebrush, Sweetspire

July 6: Almandine, Boomerang, Bushclover, Cutgrass, Sodalite, Tanzanite


September 5: Alder Forest, Juniper Woods, Laurel Thicket

September 6: Dogwood Glen

September 7: Canary Grass, Dogwood Glen, Laurel Thicket

September 8: Canary Grass, Caribou, Clock Tower (west end)

September 11: Shorecrest, Kings Canyon (north end)

September 12: Fremont Preserve (east end), Geyser Peaks (east end), Siltstone (north end)

September 13: Geyser Peaks (south end), Nettle Mill (north end)

September 14: Fremont Preserve (south end), Kings Canyon (south end), Siltstone (east end)

September 15: Geyser Peaks (south end)

September 18: Fremont Preserve (west end), Nettle Mill (south end), Nettle Mill Clubhouse parking lot

September 20: Cinnabar (west end)

September 21: Cinnabar (south end), Greysteel

September 22: Beryl (west end), Logan Stone, Sandbar, Stoneyford

September 25: Carbonate, Cinnabar (east end), Cushendall

September 26: Beryl (east end), Capecastle

September 27: Gracehill (west end), Moors Mine

September 28: Gracehill (northeast end), Well Stone

September 29: Full Sail Alley, Pyramid Alley