The Call for Candidacy Closed on 10/5

Owners will have three methods of voting available: electronic, paper proxy/ballots and at the meeting, per Community Code No 11. More details will be provided in the next two months of Etched In Stone.

The following procedure was established by the Board of Directors at the June 21, 2006 meeting for the election of homeowner Board members.

The following procedures will be followed:

Declaration of Candidacy

  • Solicit candidates via the newsletter and at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting
  • Candidates for the Board of Directors must declare their intent to run, in writing, no later than 5 p.m. on the date specified with the submission of a half page, single-spaced typed resume/biography to the Association office stating their intent to run.
  • In conjunction with the written declaration to run, Candidates for the Board of Directors must complete a petition form with at least 3 signatures and return the petition to the Association office. To run, candidates must be Members as of the Record Date set forth in Section 2.8 of the Bylaws.
  • A limited number of nominations from the floor may be accepted pursuant to Section 3.5(b) of the Bylaws.

Ballot Format

  • Candidates’ names will be placed on the ballot in alphabetical order.
  • Ballots will be printed on one sheet. Copies of the biographies will be included with the ballot.
  • Each ballot will include name, signature, address, and a statement that it is only valid if signed. A space will be provided for the voter’s signature.
  • All Class Members are entitled to vote for all candidates, even if a candidate is not in the voter’s particular Class.

Ballot Distribution

  • Ballots will be mailed to the owner’s address of record with the Association and will be distributed only to Owners in good standing.
  • One ballot will be allowed for each vote. If the ownership of a lot/unit is in the name of more than one (1) person, Owners must agree and cast the one vote allowed for each lot/unit.

Ballot Return

  • Upon receipt of ballots by mail, ballots may be cast until the opening of the Annual Meeting by mail or hand-delivered to the Association office. Votes may also be cast at the Annual Meeting.
  • Election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on November 15th.

Online Voting Information

Online voting will be available for the 2022 Stone Ridge election.

Stone Ridge will offer an electronic voting option again this year for the 2022 Stone Ridge Board of Directors Election. While a paper ballot option will still be mailed to each residence, online voting offers a faster, safer, and more convenient option!

Some of the advantages of online voting are:

  • Speed – Voting is quick and easy
  • Smart – No voter fraud
  • Safe and Secure – Protected by technology and hardware
  • Reliable – Unbiased and independent
  • Convenient – Vote anytime from anywhere

Here’s what to expect: You will receive a packet in the mail at the end of October. This packet will include the Annual Meeting Notice, the Annual Meeting Agenda, Eligibility to Vote, Proxy Instructions, Annual Meeting Proxy Form, Directions for Online Voting Using Votenet, and Candidate Biographies.

After reviewing all the information in the packet, you will need to decide whether or not you want to vote using paper, proxy, or electronically through Votenet.

Every lot is allowed to cast one vote using one of the methods listed above.

Save November 15, 2022 on your calendar for the Annual Meeting. There will be a raffle of donated prizes, stay tuned for a list.

CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE ONLINE – Use the login and password information that was mailed to your residence. If you have misplaced your login information, please contact the Association office for assistance.